Globalism is the enemy of the people."
colonel douglas macgregor
CEO Our Country Our Choice
Former Advisor to the Secretary of Defense.

You cannot solve a problem that you don't understand. We've compiled a trove of information to educate the people on the globalist agenda and what it means for humanity's future.

Digital ID

TOTAL control

Governments worldwide are either investigating or implementing new systems of digital Identification.


Central bank digital currency

Digital currency sounds great, until you realize that your money can be shut off at any time.

food & water supply

control the means of survival

Our basic needs for human survival are slowly being snatched up by large entities with globalist agendas. To say this is alarming would be an understatement.


They're spraying chemicals in our skies

Whether it is for good or bad reasons, governments are pumping chemicals in our skies and they’re lying to us about it. Why? 

The W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty


The W.H.O. should not control our COUNTRY.

The Pandemic Treaty risks our personal and national sovereignty. Learn what you can do to stop it.


humanity devolved

Our humanity itself is under attack.

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