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Elites and foreign governments are snatching-up farmland in record numbers. Why are our leaders ignoring this? 

Defend America’s right to holistic health through pure water and natural food sources.

Our food production and drinking water sources are facing numerous challenges. New regulations and emission standards are imposing burdens on farmers and livestock producers, making their livelihoods increasingly difficult. Additionally, foreign interests, along with multi-nationals and elite wealth holders – Americans [1] and foreigners alike- are acquiring our food processing facilities, agricultural land, and underground water rights, and thus raising concerns about the control of our food and water supply.

At the same time, genetically modified foods pose recognized significant health and ecological risks too and yet remain heavily promoted, although inadequately studied or regulated. In the European Union, the following countries have banned GMOS: France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. In Africa, Algeria and Madagascar have banned GMOs, and in Asia, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan, and Saudi Arabia. Finally, in the Americas, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela have all banned GMOs. The United States has no official legislation banning GMOs.

Many citizens are also concerned about the routine fluoridation of drinking water sources, along with forever chemicals contamination. On February 1, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency posted data confirming 70 million people have drinking water that has tested positive for the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS. That number is based on the latest test results from only one-third of public water supplies. The per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of chemicals used to make fluoropolymer coatings and products that resist heat, oil, stains, grease, and water.

In addition, the intermittent corruption of the FDA has allowed food products and additives of questionable safety to become part of America’s daily diet. For example, High Fructose Corn Syrup, which remains banned in some countries including Sweden, India and Ireland, among others. [3] , comes to mind as a prime example. Aspartame, the chemical sweetener, is another example. 

Furthermore, there is a growing trend towards alternative food production methods that raise questions about their safety and long-term effects. These include the production of meat alternatives and the use of new technologies and chemicals, often without thorough research into their potential risks.

Another questionable food substitute is Mycoprotein, which is a protein made from Fusarium venenatum, a naturally occurring fungus. To create mycoprotein, manufacturers ferment fungi spores along with glucose and other nutrients. The Center for Science in the Public Interest cite a number of studies from 1977 to 2018 indicating that the fungal ingredient used to make mycoprotein is an allergen.

Natural, wholesome food sources have always been the foundation of our nutrition and health. Yet in some parts of the world, unconventional practices like incorporating insects into food products are emerging, along with new production facilities using advanced technologies. Some cultures traditionally include insects within their cuisine, but this has never been a preferred protein source.

While there is such plenty within nature-engineered whole foods, and so many natural sources of nutrition available in the biosphere, it is difficult to see how these innovations may offer benefits over whole, natural foods which have been time tested for millennia. Ensuring the security and sustainability of our food supply, along with our water sources upon which the food supply is also dependent, is a fundamental concern for every American. Our founding fathers recognized the importance of safeguarding our nation’s food sources, and it remains our constitutional duty to protect this critical aspect of our well-being.

Priority Actions All Americans Can Take Now:

At Our Country, Our Choice, you can access continually updated news and information about the challenges facing our food and water supplies. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the issues affecting local food production, distribution, and availability, as well as your rights as a consumer. Safeguarding the safety and reliability of our food and water sources is not just a right; it is an essential component of our national security.

By uniting our efforts, we can address these challenges and enhance the resilience of our food supply. If this issue concerns you or your organization, we invite you to volunteer and become a part of Our Country, Our Choice’s mission. Together, we can fortify the foundations of our nation’s food and water security.

We extend our call to all Americans to join us in this vital endeavor. Protecting our food and water sources is crucial for the well-being of our nation, and your participation can make a meaningful difference in securing our most basic of needs for generations to come.

1 Bill Gates owns 270,000 acres of American farmland and is the largest single farmland owner. (2023)



America’s most basic need – food and water –  is at risk.  Across the globe, pressing food and water concerns continue, with trepidation the future will bring with it even greater problems.  Our Country, Our Choice is working to safeguard America and supports natural whole foods and water sources, free from genetic intervention and modification and unprocessed or altercated as much as is possible considering preservation.  Natural whole food, and pure water is the best foundation for holistic health. Both personal and national sovereignty start with the ability to feed yourself and your family.  Preparation, self-sufficiency and local trading are key.

Our goal is to ensure that every American has access to an ample supply of whole food and pure water.  At the same time it is crucial to protect American food producers, distributors, and retailers, along with farmers and all industries related to food reaching our tables and pure water reaching our taps.  Equally so, our arable farm and ranch lands and potable water sources need to be guarded from elite American and foreign investors.  Our Country, Our Choice works to track the real risks and test the supposed benefits of all things labelled as food, which are not traditional human foodstuffs.  These include laboratory produced “meats”,  genetically modified foods and seeds, fungus-derived proteins, insects,  chemical flavors and sweeteners, fluoride and forever chemicals in water, among other items.

We need to Support Local Agriculture. Encourage and support local farmers and food producers by buying locally grown or produced food. This helps strengthen local food systems, reduces dependence on long supply chains, and promotes food security.  Buy USA produced items in the supermarkets and support smaller and local stores also.  Grow things you can –  even in urban environments- as this helps create awareness and gets families working together.  Remember the ways of our ancestors and recreate these artisanal ways within your households.  Buy, cook and eat whole foods.  Drink pure water.

Here’s how you can contribute to the cause:

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Our objective is to ensure the safety of our food and water supply. We intend to recruit experts to monitor this situation and enact prompt action plans to counter any threats to our food and water security. Your support is crucial in helping us protect our food supply. Consider becoming a supporting member today.

  1. Organization and Influencers:

We welcome farmers, organizations, and influencers from around the globe to join forces with us. It’s crucial to protect our food and water supply. We encourage you to share your insights and expertise. We are particularly interested in hearing from farmers in the USA and abroad. Please share your information and links with us through our social media accounts or email us at [email protected].

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