United We Stand.

Tyrants have long-mastered the art of social control. It is time that we remember the lessons of our past, unify, and fight for our freedom once again.

freedom from tyranny is as close as we decide to be.

Tyranny is defined as government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly.  This is indeed the case of the Globalists’ march against us. 

Although the Globalist elite has unfathomable amounts of power and influence, people, groups of people and movements all over America and the world are standing up to such tyrants. Here, Our Country, Our Choice showcases stories from the front line of people standing up for the People.

Heritage Foundation owner Goes Scorched Earth on WEF
Heritage Foundation Founder, Kevin Roberts explains why normal people experience a reality that if far different from the one they are told exists by global elites and the WEF.
WEF is the Problem not the Solution
In this captivating speech at the WEF’s Davos Meeting in 2024, Javier Milei, President of Argentina does not hold back as he explains why State and Globalist intervention in free markets leads to socialism and poverty.
The Fall of the Cabal
Part 1 -10 Full Documentary (by Janet Ossebaard and Cynthia Koeter)