Welcome to inhumanity.

They want to turn us into controlled machines. We must resist this at all costs.

Transhumanism seeks to dehumanize and demoralize us into a dystopian reality.

The ultimate transhumanist goal, is known as the Singularity – the point when man meets machine. Transhumanism is simply a transitional stage between humanism and post-humanism, and the final goal is to eradicate humanity as we know it. This bio-digital merger of humankind with artificial intelligence is the endgame of the Globalist Agendas.  We will then be known as Humanity 2.0.

Many of the technological advancements made in the last 60 or so years were designed to get us closer to this dystopian reality, and our current hyper-controlled matrix existence has been achieved through dehumanization and demoralization of humanity. 

This can be seen in many ways, perhaps most poignantly in the well-funded great intergovernmental push for the transgender movement, which is a mere psychological operation being employed to get us closer to transhumanism by making us question the most fundamental notion of human identity –  our gender.

In terms of the dangers of transhumanism and the impact it has on society, nothing could be more anti-human, and nothing could be more in opposition to what Humanity is and will continue to yearn for, than Transhumanism and Post-humanism belief systems.  Transhumanism, the belief that humans can become superior through technological enhancements, is a reductionist and insulting concept of humanity that has been used to manipulate and harm people, particularly children and young people. People truly need to understand the philosophy and ideology behind transhumanism in order to make informed decisions about our future as a species. 

All technology itself, is neutral.  It is within the free will of Humanity to ensure that technology is used to enhance our lives and improve our well-being, and not be used to replace or destroy us.  As such, we are called forth to remember and recognize the unique qualities that make us human and to value empathy, compassion, courage, and other human traits that can never be replicated by machines or devices. We need to stand up for the importance of preserving our humanity in the face of these indeed spectacular, but at the same time potentially catastrophic, technological advancements.

It actually takes 40 minutes and an 82,944-process to simulate just one second of biological brain processing time, and thus technology will be hard pressed to improve the mind capabilities of the people or make them superhuman.  Instead, sadly, the essential end goal of the Globalist agendas such as the United Nations supported AI World Society,  is to create totally controllable machines, such as the Internet of Things. There is nothing theoretical about this conspiracy as Klaus Schwab, the Founder of the World Economic Forum, has argued on many occasions that the Fourth Industrial Revolution “will not change the world, but will instead change us”. 

This technology is designed to lure people with promises of immortality, a life without disease and suffering, and the ability to become gods, but the true consequence is to disconnect people from the natural world of life and connect them to the grid.  Separating us from our Divine source, from nature, from each other, and even from our own presence and inner selves, the Virtual World awaits us – each day, growing larger and encompassing more aspects of reality, as our Overlords prepare their Metaverse for our carbon neutral avatars to enjoy the remainder of our days. 

Humanity, as a collective of Spiritual Beings, has the chance to redeem themselves by becoming the best version of themselves, rather than transforming into something different or trying to become gods. Whatever technologies Humanity creates, it is our responsibility to use it in a way that honors us as Divine creations, in which image we are reflected, and maintain a firm commitment to use technology only to enhance our Divine servitude and compassionate stewardship to our planet and all life upon it.

Laura Aboli joins Colonel MacGregor and other Our Country, Our Choice Defenders to discuss Transhumanism.
Our Country Our Choice Original
Laura Aboli at the 2023 Better Way Conference defining Transhumanism
Identifying the end goal of those in control is vital if we are to make the right choices as a species.
Colonel Macgregor and the OCOC Team introduce:
The World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution - also known as 4IR - and what that means for Humanity.
Presentation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Produced by the World Economic Forum.
How Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum push Transhumanism
The project to master the future is to replace human scale participation in life with a more manageable, editable version of future humanity, patterned on screen-based media and shaped by technology such as gene-edited and biometric implants.
Free Download of the Full Text of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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The Ultimate Endgame- the AI World Society
The Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) is currently being planned by smaller and lesser known entities such as the United Nations Academic Impact Group, the UN 100 Year Initiative, along with the Boston Global Forum.
Key Advisor to the World Economic Forum, in partnership with the United Nations (2019) YUVAL NOAH HARARI
Post-humanism. Disconnecting the soul and body.

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