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Whistle Blowers play a vital role in today’s search for truth, justice and peace. They often risk their long built professional reputations, their careers, their financial and personal freedoms and even their lives and those of their families.  They speak up, from a place of honor and from generosity of heart and spirit.  They speak up to do what is best for their communities and for the goodness of Humankind.  Our Country, Our Choice welcomes Whistle Blowers to share your experiences with us and sincerely  thanks all those who stand up for our rights.

WEF Founder’s Son Blows the Whistle
Pascal Najadi, the son of the co-founder of the World Economic Forum, has accused global elites of crimes against humanity for the use of covid vaccines as “bioweapons” against 5.7 billion people.
The Ideological Capture of the UN
In this except from an interview (link to full interview on the page) Mary Otto-Chang calls on people to push back against the insidious creep towards the Great Reset.
Exposing Political Corruption Within the FBI and the DOJ
GOP Congresswoman Harriet Hageman of the House Judiciary Committee explains the corruption within the FBI and the DOJ exposed by whistleblowers, what needs to be done and how political obfuscation will try to hide what all Americans know is a scandal.

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