The agencies that run the world.

Learn which unelected organizations are making decisions for billions of people worldwide. 

The Agencies are those entities who are planning, implementing and funding the Globalist Agendas.

The private sector forms a major component of the Globalist Agencies, and is represented geopolitically by the World Economic Forum and its multitude of tentacles.

The Information industry, especially government associated media outlets, are also in association with these Globalist Agencies. 

Infiltration into governments has been long going and deep, and corruption through bribery and compromise is rampant at all governmental levels. 

The Central Banks are also in this scheme and are pivotal in all things finance.

Entertainment and the arts have too been taken over in many ways, as one can even see the Globalist agendas in the high fashion industry.

Many top Think Tanks and Academic institutes are also compromised as are some Faith-based institutions. 

At the end of the day, these Agencies will try to use law enforcement to continue their nefarious plans, and thus one day- perhaps quite soon – the officers will need to draw their lines in the sand.

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