They have their agenda, we have ours.

While the People of the World are busy living our lives, unelected elites are deciding our futures without our consent. It’s crucial for us to learn what they’re up to and spread the word. Our future depends on it.

POwer has shifted from elected leaders to corporate and private interests.

There is widespread concern within society at large and within the global public sector community especially, regarding a variety of issues pertaining to a change in international governance priorities.  This change has been ongoing for decades and has now emerged far more clearly.   Multi-lateral support via regular democratic structures and processes has been made obsolete with multi-stakeholder support now regular.  Formal partnerships between governmental bodies and corporate and private interests have been established (UN / WEF Full Partnership Agreement- June 2019)[1] and with this merger, power has shifted from democratically elected interests to corporate and private interests. They have power, and they have plans.  Their plans are expressed in their various “agendas”.  It is as simple as that in essence, but tremendously complicated within its history and manifestation.

At the international level these agendas include the UN Sustainable Development Goals, many of which are indeed legitimate development goals.  At the same time, the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) act as a Trojan Horse to usher in the Goals of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (WEF) and ultimately the goals of the Artificial Intelligence World Society (UN and WEF-visa vi the Boston Global Forum.)


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