Energy that works.

We can have clean, abundant, cheap energy.

Safe energy means energy that does not have long lasting ecological impact on the biosphere.

This is why, although it is a wonderful source of high intensive energy, nuclear generated energy can never be considered benign.  From a risk management perspective, it fails because although if all goes well, things are fine, but it is the outlying risk of accident, no matter how small, that is the cog in the wheel, because nuclear accidents and spills can be absolutely catastrophic. “Once the radioactive material has decayed sufficiently, the waste is no longer hazardous. However, the time it will take for the radioactive material to decay will range from a few hours to hundreds of millions of years.” (USEPA) That is not to say that nuclear energy should be banned, but rather more support is needed to research and develop cleaner wastes and better disposal means along with far more stringent international regulations. 

Wind energy is another one that is highly faulted.  Although this means of generation can be beneficial under certain circumstances, the cost of infrastructure and maintenance, along with devastation to avian life put wind farms on the back burner.

There is massive potential for far more solar energy growth and although solar energy comes with some of its own environmental costs in production of the photovoltaic components, solar energy, and solar thermal and solar passive energy are best bets for all.

Anaerobic methane generating digestion chambers are yet one more almost ignored technology – a natural from all the municipal compost collection systems.  This is hardly seen yet generates a clean burning fuel and helps purify waste at the same time.

Insulation is another thing that gets overshadowed.  This is saving energy – be it heating or cooling, as insulation saves energy in huge amounts – and saves money too.  Shade trees, capturing winds such as in the wind towers all over many hot countries, and using other forms of passive cooling and warming through architecture, materials and landscaping are also key.

There is vast potential in tidal and wave energies also, as there also is with geothermal energy sources and temperature gradient technologies.  What really needs support and research and development, though are the number of irregular energy sources.  Hydroelectric power sources are also another underutilized means of very clean generation.  

As for the fossil fuels.  The same powers that now condemn the fossil fuels for threatening the very existence of Humanity, are the same powers that promoted fossil fuel generation by means of trillions of dollars, for decades, while ignoring all things climate change. These are indeed the same powers that ignored anything related to the environment during the last sixty or so years, until it became useful for them to carbon control their brave new world.

Carbon Dioxide increases can cause things to happen.  It can cause more extreme temperatures, including more heat in areas, at times.  More heat and thus more water vapour can create conditions which cause at times,  higher frequency and intensity of all forms of wind storms such as sea squalls and  hurricanes in the northern hemisphere and cyclones in the southern hemisphere.  With higher temperatures biospheric conditions can change.   These changes have been going on for millions of years due to varying circumstance and are all part of natural cycles even though it is true that Humanity is adding more CO2 with our heavy fossil fuel use.  

Almost nothing has been invested in capturing carbon at source, or sequestrating carbon in the atmosphere.  If each child born planted eight fruit trees, at the cost of about ten dollars total, and cared for them, this alone would sequestrate enough carbon dioxide to maintain the global balance of today, while providing food.  There are many other reasons why the Globalist powers are shunning all things CO2 and those are related to their nefarious and dehumanizing agendas, which can be viewed in the Agendas and Agencies sections on this webpage.


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