Our rights are
under attack

Know your rights.

Human and Civil Rights are being trampled on left, right and center.

Here in America, in our neighbor to the north – Canada,-  throughout most of Europe, in the middle east, and around the globe to varying degrees, globalist agendas are marshalling in plans which in the elite’s minds, justify overriding existent Human and Civil Rights.  The key advisor and muse of Klaus Schwab, –  who is the Founder of the World Economic Forum, which is now partnered with the United Nations,  – Yuval Noah Harari – explains what human rights really are, in the minds of the globalists.  This concisely sums up their viewpoint.

“Human rights, just like God and heaven, are just a story that we’ve invented. They are not an objective reality; they are not some biological effect about homo sapiens. Take a human being, cut him open, look inside, you will find the heart, the kidneys, neurons, hormones, DNA, but you won’t find any rights. The only place you find rights are in the stories that we have invented and spread around over the last few centuries. They may be very positive stories, very good stories, but they’re still just fictional stories that we’ve invented.” 
Modern Day Apartheid in America
The Razing Liberty Square documentary explains what politicians and developers are working to renovate the town and what the residents see as racial injustice through climate gentrification.
Big Capital Looks to Capture Nature
In this interview the Australian environmentalist Michael Swift explains how private Trusts, the Inter-American Bank and their partnership, the Intrinsic Exchange Group are working to bring a new asset class, Natural Asset Companies (“NACs”), to stock markets.
Nature Is Being Monetized At Your Expense
Climate change activists have long faced an issue with how to pay for conservation, biodiversity and other key strategies. However, Wall Street has come up with a novel way to do just that and make trillions of dollars at the same time.

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