The Road ahead

time to pave the way.

We are in for a rough ride, but it’s not going to stay that way.

we're in for quite a ride.

The road ahead is fraught with fog.  The unknown is thus unclear.  Many predictions are coming our way from various directions.  From global cyber attacks to nuclear war to financial ruin, we face uncertainty at best.  At the same time, it is vital to forge our way with positive intention and glorious hearts.  Prudent to prepare, and positive to be.  That is what is needed for the Road Ahead. 

Whitney Webb's Predictions for 2024
In this video, investigative journalist Whitney Webb discusses lies and manipulation by governments, big tech, and media, that frame our understanding of the World.
The Next Crisis "Bigger than Covid":
Paralysis of Power Supply, Communications, Transportation. The WEF "Cyber Attack" Scenario, "Usher In the Great Reset" - Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Medical tyranny is coming and we're running out of time. James Roguski is on the front lines doing the research. Read the latest article and act.